Permanent employee hiring requires a lot of time and effort. If you do not have a full-time staff dedicated to this, you may find yourself with a pool of potential employees with no one to vet them.

The process of hiring includes writing an inviting job description, posting it to the proper job boards, vetting the resumes, interviewing the candidates, and onboarding. At Staffing Choice, this is the only thing our employees do. So, you have a whole workforce at your fingertips, eliminating some of the minutiae from the responsibilities of your employees.

Finding the Best Candidates

The field for top talent is very competitive, especially in today’s economic atmosphere. Part of the problem is that some of the best candidates are working and have not really thought about leaving their current employment. At Staffing Choice, our recruiters have relationships with all those candidates that may not be proactively looking for a new job. We can tap our resources to find the best candidate from those actively seeking employment and those who are not even exploring the possibility of a new job. We facilitate the following:

  1. Matching culture
    We understand that potential employees need to be able to fit into your business culture. Therefore, part of our process is to find out about the job you want filled and the environment of your business. Our goal is to match a future employee with your company, so they will be a successful fit.
  2. Interviewing
    Interviewing involves pre-screening interviews and interactive interviews. Vetting potential employees through these interviewing techniques allow us to provide you with the best candidates for the position you are seeking to fill. It lets us weed out the people that will not be a good fit and pass along those who will be a good candidate.
  3. References
    Some of the most important tasks when looking for a great candidate involve reference checking. We take care of doing all the reference checks, so you get the candidate you are expecting and there are no surprises.
  4. Higher Level Employees
    While we can help with any employee needs, we can also help you find those more elusive higher-level employees. These include senior management, directors, and C-level executives. We have a special department for these needs and can help you find those higher salaried ($100K +) employees for your most high-level positions. Call Staffing Choice for all your staffing needs, so we can find you the right person for the job.