With our Master Vendor Program Pro (MVPpro), you get everything included under our Master Vendor Program (MVP), plus some very interesting and valuable added benefits. You’ll be able to take advantage of highly efficient and proven recruiting techniques for your chosen skill sets, use vendor management system (VMS) technology to keep track of everything related to the hiring process and work with an exclusive supplier that manages the entire program.

Operate Efficiently and Keep Costs Low

Thanks to our MVPpro solution, you can add flexible, web-enabled processes to everything normally found under our MVP. We use technology to interact in real time with our associates, suppliers and you. This same VMS technology is what lets you see real-time data on job requisitions, submissions by candidates, work assignments and time sheets.

When you use our MVPpro enhanced analytics, you’ll get:

  • Real-time reporting of all important data
  • Enhanced reporting on fulfillment, including time to submission and fill
  • Consistent processes delivering top-notch performance each day
  • Insights into the requisition fulfillment flow
  • Complete workflow support, including a dedicated help desk
  • Supplier scorecard data provided in real-time
  • Oversight of finance and billing functions

What Makes MVPpro Superior to Traditional MSPs?

The MVPpro program does share some similarities with a MSP. It lets you get accurate information on your contingent labor spend and can be scaled up as you require. However, there are also some differences that result in our program being superior. Many MSPs are able to offer third-party technology, but don’t have any significant experience with staffing.

We’ve been in the industry for more than 50 years and have adopted the MVP solution over two decades ago. A large number of Fortune 100 companies that do business around the globe take advantage of our high degree of staffing expertise. Now, your business can do the same.