Do you want complete transparency in your contingent staffing costs? If so, consider partnering with us, Staffing Choice to be your company’s main staffing vendor so your company is able to take advantage of our Master Vendor Program (MVP). Our MVP is based on a transparent and predictable human resources cost model. By partnering with our company you will be able to increase the efficiency of your requisition and placement process.

This is your program to optimize and we can help.

Everything begins with a visionary leader.

No one succeeds alone.
We have professionals in key areas such as recruiting, training, risk management as well as more. The operations team members rely on them for critical support and resources.

Implementation Team
This team works in conjunction with our branch operations teams and vetted suppliers to provide focused regional recruitment, screening of applicants and testing, placement and administrative support.

Functional Team
We use an onsite model which integrates seamlessly for call center needs. We also recognize that no two call centers are the same and we create unique strategic sourcing programs for all the call centers we support.

Operational Team
We work with your team to identify your needs and continuously accept feedback to tailor our program based on the evolving needs of your team.