The success of a business is not only determined by the hard work that you put in; a big part of it relies on those that you choose to partner with.

These are people or solutions that help make your processes effective and efficient. As such, it is not only important to find the best partners you can as soon as possible but to also invest in them so you can make sure that they are aligned with your interests. To ensure that this happens, having an onsite team to consult on these matters certainly helps. Staffing Choice has expert teams trained in process implementation and has the backing of both country and global experts.

This has ensured that our end-to-end labor management solution is the preferred solution for most large organizations. We utilize technological solutions to measure and analyze our productivity and performance. This means that your program operates on real-time data.

By using our program, you will benefit from:


Our onsite solution is among the most critical components of our program management model as it ensures practicality and productiveness. By efficiently managing your contingent labor program, we take this burden off you or your team to allow you to focus on your core proficiencies while we handle the rest.

Our program’s model is based on decades of experience of cultivating top solutions. As such, the program is a model that combines all the practices that have proven to be effective over the years. For instance, Staffing Choice details all the key daily activities that are essential towards creating strong, long-term relationships with your clients and employees. This allows the program to be timely when implementing processes so that you can deliver effective services consistently. Our assessment tools utilize lean mechanisms to enable program service maturity. These tools are able to pinpoint our strengths, identify areas that need enhancement, and provide strategic actions that ensure continuous improvements.


The threshold of our programs varies based on the key findings of our analysis, contingent labor headcount, and program complexities, such as volume and peak ramp needs, shifts, and skill sets. Our programs are customizable onsite solutions that can either be full-time, multi-shift, part-time, or seasonal-based.

Our onsite teams may also vary in size and are usually assigned tasks depending on your reporting and recruitment requirements, staffing needs, or other specifications, which include safety considerations and technical staffing usage. Staffing Choice also offers you the flexibility you need to ramp your sourcing and recruiting strategies. The program can be customized to function under one or more of the following models:

  • Onsite recruitment/sourcing.
  • Near-site recruitment/sourcing.
  • Centralized recruitment/sourcing.

The Lean Program

This is a solution that drives processes that make sure that we can identify the most efficient programs for your business’s challenges and needs. It also facilitates a method of working that is consistent while identifying ongoing opportunities for program improvements. Our approach utilizes highly-structured, process-oriented methods that are dedicated towards enhancing the program’s efficiency so that it can increase client satisfaction in addition to reducing costs by pinpointing the root causes of wastage so that we can implement innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our team consists of highly-trained and Sigma certified experts who are strategically placed around the country to ensure uninterrupted support. They utilize a variety of tools to optimize delivery models and promote continuous enhancements.

Value Proposition

Using our end-to-end workforce management solution:

  • We deliver associates at a rapid speed, high volume, and with proven results.
  • We have a clear value proposition for partners which makes us the employer of choice.
  • We enhance performance through managing processes improvement.
  • We put a high emphasis on safety, risk, and health compliance to ensure a productive long-term relationship with our candidates and clients.
  • We are adept at creating flexible workforces that can deliver customized solutions in any industry.
  • We incorporate technology to facilitate our operations.
  • We enjoy the services of a dedicated network of resources that allow the flexible workforce to meet its needs.
  • Thought leadership allows us to design solutions for the future.