If you have a candidate that is just right for the job opening on your team but you’re not in the position to hire them yet, then you can contact us to talk about or payrolling services.

Our payrolling services mean more than a paycheck for your employees.

Payrolling means making us an employer of record when you put your candidates on our payroll. Training and onboarding fees, along with workers’ comp, are all covered by us. You won’t have to worry about the taxing process of hiring candidates for the job because we’ve got you covered.

All you need to do is call us so we can discuss pay rates, schedules, and potential work hours. After that point, we handle the rest.


Your employees will need to complete the application in order for us to add them to the payroll.

Background Check

Then the candidates receive any necessary background checks, drug screening, we determine the employee’s eligibility, and perform other steps in the hiring process: screening, employee eligibility and more.

First Day of Work

After this, the final step is to have the employee go in and work for you, allow us to track the time, and let us issue the paychecks.

Handling Contractors

We help decrease the risks of employing independent contractors by preventing penalties and fines. In order to do this, we evaluate, classify, educate, train, and manage all of your clients to find the ideal candidate for the position you need to fill.

Here at Staffing Choice, we’ve got you covered 24/7. Give us a call and allow us to handle the process for you while you manage a stress-free work environment.