Have you wondered why so many businesses are using temporary staffing services to fill their openings?

The main reasons are that outsourcing to a staffing service can save your business both money and time, which frees up your personnel to work on other tasks. This helps your organization become more productive, because it gives your full-time employees more flexibility.

In addition to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing, temporary staffing services already have the infrastructure in place to find the people you need. This means they’re better equipped to locate the top talent in the career fields best suited to fill your openings. With such efficient methods of locating top candidates, it’s a wonder why every business isn’t making use of this valuable service.

Trust the Best Staffing Service in Your Area

We pride ourselves on offering the best services of any temporary staffing service in your area and throughout the world. While we offer many types of services, our main priority is to locate the best candidates to fill openings with businesses, just like yours. We can fill openings you have, whether you need personnel to fill a long term opening, or just some people to help you complete a specific project. We pre-qualify our employees, so we know exactly what skills they possess. This helps us ensure every client gets exactly the kind of help they need, as soon as they need it.

We go through a five step hiring process to ensure every candidate is qualified and ready to work.

  1. Evaluating Candidates
    Our first step is to evaluate every candidate to ensure they each have the credentials and experience necessary to meet our standards of quality.
  2. Verifying Qualifications
    At this step, we ensure the candidate’s qualifications are valid and that they meet the needs of our clients.
  3. Initial Interviews
    After the candidates have been pre-screened, we ask them to come in for an interview. The opportunity to meet face to face helps us determine that they’re right for the positions we need to fill.
  4. Skill Check
    During this phase, each individual is subjected to computer testing to verify his or her skill competency.
  5. The Final Assessment
    At this phase, we check references and utilize E-Verify to ensure each employee is qualified to work in the area. We can also conduct drug testing and background checks for you.

Happy Employees Are More Productive

We’re concerned with more than just ensuring our employees are qualified to do the work you need done. We also realize that happy employees are more productive and will last longer in their positions. This is why we ensure our employees are satisfied with their jobs and receive the benefits they need to stay healthy and to feel content.

We offer all Staffing Choice employees the opportunity to join our group plan, which is a comprehensive package that includes preventative healthcare coverage, dental insurance, and a 401k-retirement savings plan. We also offer ongoing training opportunities through our online training program, which they can use at anytime. This allows each employee to improve his or her skills, which makes them a better value to you. You can benefit from their ongoing personal improvement efforts, while they develop the skills they’ll need to advance into new positions.