You need someone ASAP to work for your business, but you’re just not ready or comfortable making a permanent hire on the spot.

It’s a position that thousands of business owners and hiring managers find themselves in daily. Instead of being pressured to commit to a hire without proper vetting time or being faced with passing that pressure on to other employees to double down to take up the slack of a vacant spot, consider an alternative solution that’s beneficial all around – Staffing Choice’s Temp-To-Hire.

Staffing Choice Is Your Temp-To Hire Staffing Solution

With Staffing Choice you’ll get the manpower you need ASAP without the commitment of even tracking their hours, paying them directly, or providing them employee benefits.

Test Drive Top Talent

Just as any employer would do, we throughly screen, evaluate, and pre-qualify each of our candidates to ensure they’re top talent. We sort and select candidates during the application process, and then we interview them in person.

However, anyone that’s spent any time hiring knows that a candidate’s assets and skills can often translate very differently from paper to action. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could test drive a candidate first? You can with Staffing Choice.

With a temp-to-hire agreement, you get to see candidates in action. Does the candidate have the right skill set and personality for the job, work environment, and/or existing employee team? Seeing these answers in real time allows you to make a more prudent and efficient hiring decision. It may be that they’re ideal for the job and you want the candidate permanently. On the other hand, if they’re not the right fit, you’ve saved a tremendous amount of time and funds in avoiding a permanent hire of the wrong person.

Triple Check Method For All Temps

We use innovative technology to test out the skills of all our candidates and see exactly what they can and can’t do. Our triple check method ensures that employment eligibility and references are accurate. We can even perform background checks and drug screening should your company policy or business regulations require it.

Tell Us Your Expectations And We Handle Everything Else

The extent of your role can be as minimal as simply telling us what you’re looking for in a candidate. The temps you’ll receive are actually Staffing Choice employees, meaning you don’t have to worry about providing them with any employee benefits. We offer group benefit plans with access to medical, dental, vision, 401(k,) and so forth.

Temp candidates can also access our online training programs to learn, polish, or expand their skill sets and knowledge base.

Transparency Keeps Everyone Work Ready

Transparency in what the future holds keeps you at ease and helps your talented temp focus on the job that needs to be done today, not the unknown of their future employment. We let each candidate know upfront if a position has the potential for permanent placement so that all parties are on the same page.

In closing, Staffing Choice bridges an invaluable role between permanent hires and getting the job done today. Our proven recipe for ensuring temps stay trained, healthy, and informed results in a mutually beneficial agreement for both you and the temp.